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Why Cloud Computing Is for the Birds - -
Why Cloud Computing Is... The virtualization marketing cloud computing Cloud, internetnews, commentary, article, 3765876, Why+Cloud+Computing+Is+for+the+Birds
Cloud computing? Been there. Done that. | Classics Rock 			| -
Cloud computing? Been ... Examining IT trends from the past live to help IT managers plan for the future. TechRepublic, blogs, information technology, tech, legacy, Windows 9x, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, DOS, OS/2 NetWare, Old PCs, legacy computing, PC AT, Mac OS 9, 8086, 8088, blogs, techrepublic, classic
Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder |				Technology | -
Cloud computing is a t... He says web-based programs like Googles Gmail will force people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that will cost more and more over time Computing,Software,E-commerce,Google,Microsoft,,Technology,Cloud computing,Technology, guardian, technology, cloud, computing, richard, stallman, print outage exposes clouds dark linings • The Register - outage ... xss, privacy, information security, data theft, spam and phishing, cross site scripting error, iframe redirection, theregister, salesforce outage
A crack in the madness of clouds • The Register -
A crack in the madness... google, microsoft, netsuite, amazon, s3, gmail, azure,, cloud, bigtable, theregister, year ahead clouds
Paul Murphy mobile edition -
Paul Murphy mobile edi... blogs, zdnet, Murphy, blogs, zdnet, Murphy
Sanity check: Are netbooks quietly driving us to thin clients and cloud computing? | Tech Sanity Check 			| -
Sanity check: Are netb... TechRepublic Editor in Chief Jason Hiner applies a sanity check to new technologies, new products, and new developments in the IT industry in order to help IT leaders sort through the latest hype and buzz. TechRepublic, blogs, information technology, tech, blogs, techrepublic, hiner
Poll: Does Google Docs security glitch make you less likely to store documents in the cloud? | IT Dojo 			| -
Poll: Does Google Docs... IT Dojo is built around a philosophy of constant learning. Well demonstrate best practices that you wont often find in the manual. Well walk through advanced tips that arent widely known but are highly useful. Well talk about how to work more effecti Help Desk, IT Support, IT Ninja, Network Administrator, Computer Hardware, Wireless Network, Network Security, Windows Tips, OS X Tips, Windows Registry, Advanced IT, blogs, techrepublic, itdojo
Lifehacker - Why you shouldnt depend entirely on webapps - Gmail -
Lifehacker - Why you s... Because when they're down, you're screwed. — Gina Trapani software, productivity, technology, downloads, life hacks, hacker, lifehacks, computing, lifestyle, timesavers, health, internet, personal technology, DIY, projects, tricks, advice, backup, email, Mac, Windows, Firefox, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, keyboard shortcuts, household, HOWTO, how tos, tutorials, lifehacker, software, desktop, shouldnt, depend, entirely, webapps, 196126